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    Featured games

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    Play free dress up games

    Some of our best free dress up. Click the more link to browse our full catalog of free dress up games.

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    • Play Deni Makeover

      Deni Makeover

      In this dress-up and makeover game we meet our friend Deni, from the previous game. This t...

    • Play Nail Salon Game

      Nail Salon Game

      Paint your nails, choose matching rings....

    • Play I Love My Mommy game

      I Love My Mommy game

      I Love My Mommy game, allhotgame.com, allhotgame, ashitagames, is4shared.com, 3dgameflash....

    • Play Beautiful Wedding Dress Up

      Beautiful Wedding Dress Up

      Beautiful Wedding Dress Up Game, Play Free Online Flash Girls Games...

    • Play Winx Roxy Boy Friends

      Winx Roxy Boy Friends

      Winx Roxy Boy Friends dressup...

    • Play Alana girl Dress up

      Alana girl Dress up

      Alana girl Dress up Game....

    • Play Prom Beauty Makeup

      Prom Beauty Makeup

      The Bubble Girl has been a star. Now, she will go dating soon. She don't want her boyfrien...

    • Play Sydney Dress Up

      Sydney Dress Up

      Sydney Dress Up Game, Sydney Fashion Girls Games, Play Sydney Dresses, All New DressUp Gam...

    • Play Business Woman Dresses

      Business Woman Dresses

      Business Woman Dresses Game, Business Woman Dress Up Game, Business Woman DressUp Games...

    • Play Alexa Dress Up

      Alexa Dress Up

      Alexa Dress Up Game, Alexa Fashion Girls Games, Play Alexa Dresses, All New DressUp Games...

    • Play Miss Shakira Dressup

      Miss Shakira Dressup

      Shakira makes models jealous with her stage show ! Choose from many different items of clo...

    • Play Cool Boy

      Cool Boy

      Cool Boy Dress up fashion game....

    • Play Barbie business dress

      Barbie business dress

      Barbie business woman dress up game....

    • Play Barbie Ballerina

      Barbie Ballerina

      Barbie Ballerina Girl Dress up Game....

    • Play Mommy to Be

      Mommy to Be

      This lady is about to be a mommy! But she still needs to look beautiful. Help her look her...

    • Play Barbie spring dresses

      Barbie spring dresses

      Barbie spring dress up game....

    • Play Bratz cloe dress up

      Bratz cloe dress up

      Bratz girls cloe dress up game...

    • Play Barbie Colors

      Barbie Colors

      Imagine the photo color and apply the colors that you like. Color Barbie and her friend wh...

    • Play Barbie Wedding Dress Up

      Barbie Wedding Dress Up

      Barbie Bride Wedding Dress Up...

    • Play My Little Pony Dress up

      My Little Pony Dress up

      Choose from many clothes and accessories for your pony. Put very handsome to play with her...

    • Play Amy Lee’s Goth Angel

      Amy Lee’s Goth Angel

      Angelic voice, goth sense of style. Whip up your favorite Amy Lee outfit while listening t...

    • Play Chic New Hairdo

      Chic New Hairdo

      Gina is preparing for her birthday party, so she comes to your hair salon to have a new s...

    • Play Mini Kart Exhibition

      Mini Kart Exhibition

      The 1st Fancy Town Kart Exhibition begins today. You can enjoy the super cool karts in the...

    • Play Girl In The Mirror

      Girl In The Mirror

      This cute girl needs some help in makeup because she is going out with her BFFs. Please gi...

    • Play Cutie Trend Xmas Party

      Cutie Trend Xmas Party

      Not every girl could get the chance to Christmas party with Santa! Suzie, Yuki and Luna ar...

    • Play Angel Doll Dress Up

      Angel Doll Dress Up

      Dress up the angel doll from heaven!...

    • Play Lindsay Lohan Celebrity Dress Up

      Lindsay Lohan Celebrity Dress Up

      Lindsay Lohan is an American actress, model, and pop singer. Lohan started in show busines...

    • Play Blake Lively Makeover

      Blake Lively Makeover

      Give the talented actress Blake Lively a glamorous makeover and try out different hairsty...

    • Play Flash Doll: Makeover Girl

      Flash Doll: Makeover Girl

      Customize your own character with a wide variety of cosmetics and accessories!...

    • Play Bratz Makeover

      Bratz Makeover

      Play Bratz Makeover Games for Girls at Allforgirls.net:Dress up the bratz doll and make he...

    • Play lovable School Girl

      lovable School Girl

      Linda's mom is very ingenious. She always make very beautiful school uniforms by herself a...

    • Play Cutie Trend – Hair Salon

      Cutie Trend – Hair Salon

      Yuki is preparing for a TV show, so she is going to your hair salon for a new hairdo toda...

    • Play Winx Club Just Flora

      Winx Club Just Flora

      Just Flora is 8 Jigsaw puzzles and 4 new featured puzzles every month. - submit your artw...

    • Play Winx Club Just Musa

      Winx Club Just Musa

      Just Musa is 8 Jigsaw puzzles and 4 new featured puzzles every month. - submit your artwo...

    • Play Hand and Nail Makeover

      Hand and Nail Makeover

      If you are into skin care and beauty products, then chances are that you like to keep your...

    • Play Brave Beauty Warriors

      Brave Beauty Warriors

      The dark lord is attacking earth again! Our brave beauty warriors are ready to fight back...

    Play free cooking games

    Some of our best free cooking games. Click the more link to browse our full catalog of free cooking games.

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    Play free make up games

    Some of our best free make up games. Click the more link to browse our full catalog of free make up games.

    More make up games »
    • Play Luna’s Valentine Date-Cutie Trend

      Luna’s Valentine Date-Cutie Trend

      A very cute boy asked Luna out on Valentine's day. We all know how shy Luna is, so she tu...

    • Play Cute Fairy Undersea

      Cute Fairy Undersea

      Down in the deep sea lives this cute and nice fairy called Hali. She helps people when the...

    • Play Style In Mirror

      Style In Mirror

      Free online dress up games for girls who love fashion. Create your own style in mirror an...

    • Play Cute Pajamas Girl

      Cute Pajamas Girl

      Mom asked this girl to fetch milk and newpaper in the yard. Please choose a set of beauti...

    • Play Cutie Yuki’s Bedroom

      Cutie Yuki’s Bedroom

      Cutie Trend sweetie Yuki wants to give a great makeover to her bedroom. Please help her c...

    • Play Chic School Girls

      Chic School Girls

      Play the most fun dress up games for girls with famous girl group Beauty rush!...

    • Play Colorful Hairstyle

      Colorful Hairstyle

      Play this fun colorful hairstyle game. Enjoy more makeover games for girls...

    • Play Attend BFF’s Wedding

      Attend BFF’s Wedding

      This girl was invited to her best friend's wedding. Though excited, she still can't decid...

    • Play Charming Pretty Girl

      Charming Pretty Girl

      The charming pretty girl want to be charming to everyone!Just come to make up her as one o...

    • Play Make up Taylor Swift

      Make up Taylor Swift

      This is a new Wambie game where you get to put make up on Taylor Swift, a singer who mixes...

    • Play Make Up Ashley

      Make Up Ashley

      Have fun changing Ashley's look, the HSM star....

    • Play Birthday Couple

      Birthday Couple

      This lovely birthday couple is now for a date in a place which they have chosen for a mont...

    • Play Wardrobe DIY

      Wardrobe DIY

      Feel bored about your wardrobe? Let's have some DIY fun! You may color your tops, bottoms,...

    • Play Mina’s Beauty Designer

      Mina’s Beauty Designer

      Kim Mi Na aspires to become a beauty designer. Your task is to create cute looks with vers...

    • Play Cutie Trend – Suzie the Party Queen

      Cutie Trend – Suzie the Party Queen

      The cuties are invited to a party. Suzie is most excited about this party. She wants to lo...

    • Play Graduation Season Dressup

      Graduation Season Dressup

      This is a fun graduation season dress up game for girls. It's graduation day and this girl...

    • Play Bling Bling Manicure

      Bling Bling Manicure

      A bling bling manicure can be a great complement for your clothes and accessories. It will...

    • Play 4th July Dress Up

      4th July Dress Up

      It's 4th July! Everyone is celebrating and showing their patriotism. This cute girl wants ...

    • Play Summer Penguin Dress Up

      Summer Penguin Dress Up

      How would a penguin dress up when it's summer time? Let's play this fun summer penguin dre...

    • Play Perfect Birthday Cake

      Perfect Birthday Cake

      It's your BFF's birthday today and you are going to prepare a perfect birthday cake for he...

    • Play Flower Elf Dress Up

      Flower Elf Dress Up

      Play this fun dress up game for girls and dress up this mysterious flower elf. She has so ...

    • Play Trendy Nail Art

      Trendy Nail Art

      Try out this new trendy nail art and make your nails look as fabulous as they can be! Ther...

    • Play Cutie Trend – Yuki’s Cleaning Day

      Cutie Trend – Yuki’s Cleaning Day

      The cuties and their friends just had a great party in Suzie's house. Now the bedroom, yar...

    • Play Cutie Hair Salon

      Cutie Hair Salon

      It's back to school season. The cutie wants to change her hairstyle for the new semester. ...

    • Play Birthday Party Dress Up

      Birthday Party Dress Up

      This cute birthday girl is expecting her birthday gift. Please dress her up with these bea...

    • Play Royal Fashion – Princess Room

      Royal Fashion – Princess Room

      The 5 princesses are ready to show their private bedroom, playground and garden. Please he...

    • Play Trendy Summer Nails

      Trendy Summer Nails

      At the end of this summer, when the heat is gradually fading off, it's time to try new col...

    • Play Summer Fashion Show

      Summer Fashion Show

      What should we wear at the end of this summer? The last round of summer fashion show is ge...

    • Play Bridal Makeup

      Bridal Makeup

      This beautiful bride is preparing for her wedding ceremony. Please help her do the makeup,...

    • Play Sweet School Makeup

      Sweet School Makeup

      The new semester begins. Give this cute girl a fresh back to school makeup and then choose...

    • Play 2010 Fashion Show

      2010 Fashion Show

      We have the great chance to go to the backstage of 2010 fashion show and see how a model d...

    • Play Sweet School Girl

      Sweet School Girl

      Another school day begins. This sweet girl is looking for the most beautiful clothes in he...

    • Play Perfect Halloween Nail Design

      Perfect Halloween Nail Design

      Halloween is coming!candies and pumpkin,lovely mask?! not enough!make yourself different f...

    • Play Fashion Show Backstage

      Fashion Show Backstage

      the game using the mouse, click on the costumes to dress up dress up characters. Had th...

    • Play Halloween Pumpkin Dress Up

      Halloween Pumpkin Dress Up

      Pumpkins is an indispensable part of halloween. Playing with the pumpkins is also a funny ...

    • Play Office Lady Fashionista

      Office Lady Fashionista

      Office lady really also want to be the fashionista like others. The girl open her wardrobe...

    Play free kiss games

    Some of our best free kiss games. Click the more link to browse our full catalog of free kiss games.

    More kiss games »
    • Play Hidden Forest Kissing

      Hidden Forest Kissing

      Hidden Forest Kissing games Play...

    • Play Elevator


      Hop on the Naughty Elevator and try to score some love. As the time ticks away, you will h...

    • Play Library Kissing

      Library Kissing

      In this kissing game you have to help the lover boy to kiss his lover girl who is in the l...

    • Play Reaching the kiss

      Reaching the kiss

      Today you complete two years of dating. Your boyfriend will take you to the most chic rest...

    • Play Kissing in the Office

      Kissing in the Office

      kiss in the office without being noticed...

    • Play Neighborhood kissing

      Neighborhood kissing

      Woo…the girl stays next to my door is the hottest chic I have ever seen and on top of it...

    • Play DOLI-Kisses for Toto

      DOLI-Kisses for Toto

      Kiss Toto and help him kiss back the beautiful Tina. No one is to see them kiss, so be on ...

    • Play Bakery Shop Kissing

      Bakery Shop Kissing

      These 2 kids are madly in love and are having troubles containing it! Help them bake up so...

    • Play Kissing Championship

      Kissing Championship

      Pucker up & kiss yourself along with your partner to the position of #1 as the world's bes...

    • Play True Love’s Kiss

      True Love’s Kiss

      This cute kissing couple has planned to spend a great Romantic Day together, so make them ...

    • Play Bratz Kissing Game

      Bratz Kissing Game

      New exclusive online Bratz kissing game. Help your favorite Bratz dolls to kiss their boyf...

    • Play Bratz Kissing 2 : Let’s Go Party

      Bratz Kissing 2 : Let’s Go Party

      The second part of popular Bratz kissing game. It is the Birthday party of Sasha and all t...

    • Play Beach Kiss

      Beach Kiss

      You and your girl friend are trying to kiss on beach without getting noticed by other peop...

    • Play Sweet Kiss

      Sweet Kiss

      This cute girl is dating her dream boy tonight and she is ready for their first sweet kiss...

    • Play Hawaiian Beach Kissing

      Hawaiian Beach Kissing

      Kissing on the beach in Hawaii is very special and you dont want people to glare at you wh...

    • Play Kiss Rush

      Kiss Rush

      Oprah is a super star and has good reputation.But she love her "secret" boyfriend so much....

    • Play Daddy’s Little Girl: Romantic Matinee

      Daddy’s Little Girl: Romantic Matinee

      Darling Lisa was asked on a movie date with her crush Tommy. Her father allowed her to g...

    • Play Classroom Sneak a Kiss

      Classroom Sneak a Kiss

      Get your groove on with your boyfriend in the classroom. Kiss your man while the teacher i...

    • Play A Perfect Wedding Kiss

      A Perfect Wedding Kiss

      For this girl to have the perfect wedding everything has to be spot on! Since your in char...

    • Play Desperate kiss

      Desperate kiss

      When you are driving car in Highway, did you try to kiss your partner without fear?. Try i...

    • Play Christmas Kiss (More kiss More gifts)

      Christmas Kiss (More kiss More gifts)

      Christmas Kiss. More kisses = More gifts. One Happy family. They decorated Christmas tree....

    • Play Kiss Kiss Kiss

      Kiss Kiss Kiss

      You and your boyfriend are trying to get as much privacy in your home as possible. Try to ...

    • Play Marcus first kiss

      Marcus first kiss

      Marcus and his father planning fishing on weekend. Marcus also invited girlfriend to spend...

    • Play Secret Kiss

      Secret Kiss

      Kissing game....

    • Play Animals In Love

      Animals In Love

      Lion and zebra, rabbit and wolf, cat and dog and other animals hugging themselves with lov...

    • Play Sweet Kiss in Animal Park

      Sweet Kiss in Animal Park

      Try to give sweet kiss to your valentine near animals. Be careful while kissing each other...

    • Play Valentine’s Day Kissing

      Valentine’s Day Kissing

      it is a great holiday for all girls and boys who fell in love! Our kissing couple has plan...

    • Play Valentine’s Girl Dress Up

      Valentine’s Girl Dress Up

      Valentine's Day Girl Dress Up for All Lovers......

    • Play Kitchen Kissing

      Kitchen Kissing

      The Valentine's day, the couples are planning to complete the cooking for their children a...

    • Play Daddy’s Little Girl: Kissing Game

      Daddy’s Little Girl: Kissing Game

      Mona’s boyfriend Chris stopped by to play video games with her. One problem though - he...

    • Play Kiss in Kindergarten

      Kiss in Kindergarten

      Only one room, Mary is working in kindergarten. Her Boyfriend came to visit her. But, he w...

    • Play Kissing Express

      Kissing Express

      Help couple to kiss without getting noticed by the passenger or hostess in the train, clic...

    • Play Kiss Racer

      Kiss Racer

      You are riding a motorbike on street with your girlfriend! Your girlfriend want to kiss yo...

    • Play Kiss in Titanic

      Kiss in Titanic

      On that fateful night of April 14, 1912, Couples wants to kiss each other. But, They aren'...

    • Play Valentine Kisses

      Valentine Kisses

      Be my Valentine!...

    • Play Elephant Kiss

      Elephant Kiss

      This elephant is the childhood playmate of Sicily. They play together and dancing. Both of...

    Play free cake games

    Some of our best free cake games. Click the more link to browse our full catalog of free cake games.

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    Play free Play free decorate games

    Some of our best free decorate games. Click the more link to browse our full catalog of free decorate games.

    More decorate games »

    Play free fashion games

    Some of our best free fashion games. Click the more link to browse our full catalog of free fashion games.

    More fashion games »

    Play free princess games

    Some of our best free princess games. Click the more link to browse our full catalog of free princess games.

    More princess games »